Who I am :
Jane Kuehn-Tucker

Channel-Therapist, Teacher,
Baby Cuddler and Guide for Souls in transition …

I came to live in Paris at the age of 5 with my Irish mother and German father.
Because I grew up naturally trilingual and tricultural, I believe the world is borderfree, and that differences exist to reach out and complement each other.

I was 3 years old when I spoke my first inspired words to my grandmother. She was to remember them for the rest of her life.

At age 12, I was wondering about the meaning of Life and my life on Earth. That’s when I started to write and sing my first songs. These were messages of hope which I drew from the depths of my Being, where I sensed a world of beauty and harmony. My thirst for understanding and helping others was also nourished by my contact with good books and Mother Nature.

Alongside my communication studies and my first job as a Cosmetic Product Manager, I attended classes at the Alice Dona Studios, studied writing with Claude Lemesle, took dance classes at Paris Centre and enhanced my voice with Raymonde Viret. These artistic activities soothed my sensitivity and finetuned my intuition.

As time went on, I experienced more and more often a state of ‘inspired speech’. People came to ask me for support and encouragement in order to regain their self-confidence. I then felt that to help them more, I needed to go further into myself. Psychotherapy allowed me to understand that behind the sufferings of human beings, there is a whole range of causes, both real and subtle.

1988 marked my meeting with Rido Dieudonné Bayonne, a musician, composer, arranger and conductor. I was deeply touched by his humanity and his wisdom. He found in me a sensitive voice and a pen to match his inspiration. I contributed to 4 of his albums, including ‘À Cœurs et Âmes’, (‘To Hearts & Souls’) and ‘Alliances’.

Rido also introduced me to the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, a philosophy that at long last answered the many questions I had about Life. Thanks to my Buddhist practice, I assimilated important principles, including ‘Self Transformation’ (the Human Revolution), ‘The Inseparability of Self and Environment’ and also ‘The Eternity of Life’. I then undertook some demanding work on myself to access my inner resources, push back my limits and become even more attentive to others.

In 2004, I was introduced to Reiki : a second revelation that empowered me to perceive the many subtle ways Being is expressed. I became a Practitioner, then Reiki Master. Today, I practice and teach Reiki, not only as a Holistic Energy Technique, but also as a Spiritual Path of Evolution.

Sharing, transmitting, encouraging … as I grew, I was swept towards Teaching, which today includes Languages in the Business World. Again and again, my intuitive understanding of personal difficulties, my vision and my inspired explanations have enabled my students to untangle emotional and psychological blocks which often date back to childhood and schooling… It’s such a joy to watch dissolved suffering make way for unexpected linguistic talent !

A journey of initiation to India finally opened wide the doors for me : my quest and my prayers were rewarded when I became a Spiritual Channel, serving the wellbeing of Others. Through inner communion and inner communication, I receive words, images and energies to heal the wounds of the Soul and to help people journey through their lives.

One aspect of my spiritual work is Guiding Souls in Transition :

I also act as Soul Midwife before or during birth : I telepathically connect with the unborn or newborn infant to learn the needs of his soul and establish a dialogue between him and his parents. Soul readings are possible throughout life, at any age. They help to understand better, therefore to communicate better.

Finally, I offer baby cuddling at the General Pediatrics department of the Robert Debré Hospital in Paris. It was during this mothering that I was confronted with the many anxieties of young babies, whose souls question their usefulness, their place in the world, their right to exist, and their ability to fulfill their mission on Earth. So I comfort them, I explain things, I calm them down, and I give them … all my love.

To answer their calls and to help new parents, I wrote the story of ‘Rim-la-Belle and her Wonderful World’, a collection of books and CDs intended to broaden awareness and enable children to grow up peacefully. Words, images and music gently initiate them to the Consciousness of Nature, our connection to Mother Earth, the subtle ties that link us to each other, accessing our own inner resources, and to a simple form of spirituality.

So what’s the meaning of my life ? I exist to …

… contribute to the beauty of the World
By healing Hearts and Souls…